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Meet the team of advertising and analytics experts our clients rely on.

Andrew Breen 


“My work is my hobby and my passion. I always want to be ahead of the technology curve, so my clients are too.”

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Craftsmanship isn’t always a word people associate with digital marketing. But Andrew believes a dedication to craft is what today’s advertising landscape demands.

For the last decade, Andrew has honed his skills and knowledge into an ability to connect a brand’s advertising to their bottom line. More than that, his depth of experience with some of the best B2B companies in the world means he knows what good looks like and, even better, he can build the next iteration of improvements for his clients.

Andrew sees past the platforms, and uses the intersection of advertising, design and technology to approach digital marketing in a way that’s results-driven and highly effective. And it’s this passion for exceptional work that permeates Outshine’s team and the company he’s built.

Joel Burke 


“Accurately measuring marketing’s impact on pipeline is about better decision-making, not just revenue.”

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Joel raises the bar of what marketing, analytics, and data can really do for B2B SaaS companies.

Armed with a deep knowledge of the SaaS landscape, Joel builds teams that deliver exceptional growth, more sophisticated marketing pipelines, and insightful data analysis. He closes the marketing and operations gap, and connects the dots between data and marketing, customers and revenue.

Joel naturally blends both future-focused vision and the reality of day-to-day functions. He helps clients transform how they market and the expectations of their data, as well as ensures the right people are in place to guide the evolving function of marketing within a company.


Saadat Qadri 
Practice Lead


“I like to build things with purpose. I can do that with data—make it collectable, useful, and relevant to my clients’ business.”  

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Saadat turns the desire to be “data-driven” into a reality for SaaS companies.

B2B SaaS companies are awash in data. But the value of that data goes untapped, as the systems and structures aren’t in place for people to use data effectively. For over a decade, Saadat has been solving this problem for clients.

He tackles complex data infrastructure challenges, and designs simple, yet sophisticated future states for clients. His knowledge of engineering, software and data, alongside growing sustainable business, means he can design a vision, then make it a reality.

Deeply passionate about education, he plays an active role in helping clients succeed with new software and technology across their teams and teaching others how to make data work for them.


Emily Stephen 
Director of Operations


“I believe in building a company that’s exceptional, from client experience to employee onboarding, and everything in between.”

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Emily brings her extensive experience in brand and digital marketing to the operational side of Outshine. She knows what makes a great brand, and that insight is weaved into how Outshine has been built from the ground up.

Emily’s has a hand in every part of Outshine’s growth—from recruitment to marketing to client service—and in every part of the business, her goal is to make her team and workplace the best it can be. Emily has been responsible for growing Outshine’s reputation and exposure within the global B2B SaaS industry, and led initiatives to strengthen client service, team training, and reshaped HR practices to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

She loves new and novel challenges—it’s what drew her to the digital field in the first place. Though she’s always excited to test new ideas, Emily builds things that stand the test of time.

Kristen Hawker
Programme Manager


“Sustainable growth needs more than just good ideas. It needs organized, well-managed plans.”

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When it comes to managing a project, there’s nothing that can rattle Kristen. She cultivates consistency and calm through her deliberate, methodical approach to getting things done.

A certified project management professional, Kristen’s high standards and thoughtful processes ensure that every Outshine client receives the best service, experience, and outcomes on every project. From the beginning of an engagement, she plans for success, puts the right team together, and diagnoses potential pitfalls before they happen.

Kristen’s ability to both see the big picture, as well as the steps needed to ge there is what makes her invaluable to Outshine’s teams and clients.

outshine team eleanor bramah.jpg

Eleanor Bramah 
Marketing Manager


“The principles of marketing will always remain the same. But the channels we use are always evolving.”

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As life on this planet gets noisier by the minute, Ellie believes in one thing: creating a world that’s a little quieter. So she’s spent a decade building creative, purposeful marketing strategies that work, not because they’re loud, but because they’re thoughtful.

A writer and strategist by trade, Ellie’s led creative campaigns from start-to-finish, developed integrated marketing strategies, and helped brands redefine the story they’re telling the world. She loves to bring people together to make big ideas come to life, from the first random notes on a whiteboard to a fully-fledged content hub on the web.

She is unafraid of a blank piece of paper. Because her favourite thing to do is fill it with ideas.

Leilani Graham-Laidlaw Outshine

Leilani Graham-Laidlaw 


“I love tackling the challenging work and solving tough problems, all while building great relationships with the people I work with.”

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It’s no surprise that Leilani’s background in journalism means she’s one of the most perceptive people you’ll ever meet. For her clients, she turns that critical eye to marketing data, and has an unsurpassed ability to take complex, technical information and turn it into real insights and actionable next steps.

Today, Leilani tells the stories of hard and fast numbers. She thrives on building collaborative relationships with her clients, where the measures of success are fundamentally connected to driving revenue and business impact.

Leilani is the bridge between information overload and a thoughtful path forward. And loves taking people along with her on this journey.

Hillary Windsor Outshine.jpg

Hillary Gillis


“A great customer experience should always be at the heart of marketing, and that’s what I help my clients deliver on.”

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Hillary spends her time making an impact. On her clients, her colleagues, and her community. In everything she does, she brings purpose and dedication.

For Outshine’s clients, it means that when they work with Hillary, they’re working with someone who cares about their business just as much as they do. Her media expertise extends beyond just her technical advertising and communications skills—she also counsels her clients on how their marketing can really make a difference to their growth and success.

Hillary always keeps the customer at the centre of her work, understanding inherently that better marketing isn’t just good for business—it creates an exceptional customer experience, too. It’s a perspective we love because it means more than better work; it means a better world.

Tighe Loch

Tighe Loch 


“Efficiencies in digital marketing don’t come at random. They come from paying attention to the details.”

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In everything Tighe does, she likes to be involved from start-to-finish. Whether that’s developing her film photography from scratch, or building search and social advertising campaigns for her clients.

Tighe sees the potential in a spreadsheet of data. As part of her team, she loves combing through information, turning that data into visuals, and identifying new opportunities and ideas for clients.

In Tighe's world, marketing isn’t just about the end result—the conversion. She sees the artistry in creating that outcome from meaningful insights.

Alifa Jamal Outshine.jpg

Alifa Jamal 


“I love being flexible and adapting to new challenges from my clients and my team. I always want to explore what’s new and what’s next.”

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Alifa’s not afraid to dig deep to better understand her clients, their business, and their challenges. Through her intricate advertising knowledge, she’s able to uncover and develop new insights and approaches with the aim of increasing leads and revenue for her clients.

Her natural curiosity makes her the perfect fit for our clients with an eagerness to elicit new technologies and platforms while figuring out ways to enhance them. Regardless of the barriers Alifa is faced with, she builds relationships and the know-how to find various answers to understand how her teams can improve outcomes.

Christine Gaudet Outshine.jpg

Christine Gaudet 


“I believe better systems and processes can be freeing, and let people focus on their most interesting, meaningful work.”  

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There are remarkable similarities between Christine’s background in industrial engineering and her current role as a data analyst with Outshine. She sees both being all about optimization; finding smarter solutions and more efficient ways to get things done.

Christine creates new ways for businesses to understand their data and their customers, whether that’s through developing collective data visualizations or building a recurring revenue retention model.

Christine thrives on bringing data and insights together, so her clients can make smarter business decisions, quickly and easily.

Emma Graham Outshine.jpg

Emma Graham 


“I don’t just solve problems for my clients. I want to find solutions to things they haven’t even thought of yet.”

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Like any good mathematician, Emma likes to go deep. Whenever she’s faced with a problem, she wants to go beyond just the issue at hand, and to understand what’s at the heart of it. So then, she can build a truly holistic solution.

At Outshine, Emma combines her customer service background with an innate ability to focus in on what’s really important to our clients. She delivers strategic, thoughtful work that’s based on a clear understanding of both the data and the platforms she works with, from Pinterest to Google Ads and everything in between.

Phil MacGillivray Outshine.jpg

Phil MacGillivray


“I think about my clients the way I think about my own career—I’m in this for the long-haul. And it means I’m all in, all the time.”

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Phil likes to be a part of things from the ground up. Whether that’s creating a Google Ads campaign or building a digital advertising strategy from scratch, he likes to build the foundation for results-driven solutions, as well as execute on them as they develop.

At Outshine, Phil brings his enthusiasm for the ever-evolving world of technology and SaaS marketing to every project he works on, and focuses on developing ideas and solutions for his clients that are just as sophisticated as they are.

It’s an approach that leads to great work, great results, and great relationships.

Erin Hayes Outshine.jpg

Erin Hayes 


“Today, every organization has a wealth of data. My job is to help my clients understand what their data can do for their business.”

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No two days are the same in Erin’s data-driven world. But that’s part of why she loves her job; there’s always a new challenge to overcome and new information to uncover.

At Outshine, Erin’s data engineering and modelling skills let her do more with data. For clients, she’s helping teams draw unique insights from often disparate sources of information, to create solutions from a solid foundation of understanding.

A sailor at heart, Erin’s not afraid of big waves and big challenges. She’ll tackle any obstacle, regardless of how big it might seem. And overcoming them is what keeps driving her.

outshine team kathy dolan.jpg

Kathy Dolan
Office Manager


“Seeing businesses succeed, and knowing I’m a part of that success, is what drives me every day.”  

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Kathy’s role at Outshine might be all about the Benjamins, but her expertise goes well beyond the bills.

Hard work, responsibility, and reliability are crucial when it comes to the success of any business, but it’s especially true when it comes to delivering exceptional client service. Kathy’s attention to detail, organization, and customer-first approach means that our clients get the best experience, from start to finish.

Her innate ability to anticipate the needs of those she works with keeps her at the top of her game. And makes sure Outshine is too.

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