Work Term in Review: What It's Like To Be a Co-op Student at Outshine

This summer, I spent the final co-op term of my undergrad with Outshine. It was a valuable experience that I’d like to share with anyone else considering a career or co-op position with the company—including what I’ve learned, my favourite memories, as well as some advice to future students.

Why Outshine?

I reviewed and applied to many placements when I was hunting for a job for my final co-op, but the position with Outshine stuck out to me the most for these two reasons:

1. They Value Their Employees.

I discovered the job through a posting as part of my co-op program. But even though it was just a job posting, it gave me a great feel for what this company was about and what path they were heading toward.


"When reviewing, it was clear that Outshine presented more of a modern work environment and really valued their employees, which was something of great importance to me."


It was obvious that they were very focused on their employees and making sure they were happy as opposed to only focusing on making sure the work gets done. And as a result, this created a work environment that people wanted to be in (which makes them work harder!). They made their work environment feel very open in the sense that you can ask anyone anything you need, without hesitation.

2. It's a Small Team.

Another aspect that attracted me to Outshine was the small team size. When I started, the team was just 8 employees. Being able to work for a smaller company was such a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to get to know everyone a lot better and made me really enjoy going to work. From a co-op perspective, it's also a lot easier to start work at a smaller company—there aren't too many employees so you're able to get more focused help, which makes your learning experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Key Learnings: Myself & The Industry

Working at Outshine has been an incredible learning experience for me in three key ways:

  1. It has completely changed my perception of how digital marketing works. Previous to working at Outshine I had very limited exposure to marketing online—it has completely changed my perception of how it works and what tools are available. I had the opportunity to work in depth with advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager, and learned a lot about marketing strategy and setting up campaigns.

  2. I’ve learned a lot about targeting the right audience. This experience has opened my eyes to the numerous ways you can reach your intended audience—proving how effective online advertising is, and how it is the future of marketing.

  3. The experience gave me insight into how to grow. Since Outshine is an evolving company, it was great for me to be a part of it and get to see firsthand the direction they are heading toward, how they intend to achieve their goals, and what some of the best paths and strategies are for a growing company in the industry.

My Favourite Outshine Memories

Spending the summer at Outshine has given me a number of opportunities for learning and for fun! Two of my favourite memories include:

Visiting Google in Toronto

Something I will never forget is Outshine flying me to Toronto to attend a learning seminar for Google's online marketing platform, Google Ads, at the Google headquarters. As a co-op at the company for only four months this was something I was not expecting, so to be given this opportunity was truly incredible. Going to Google was an amazing experience, and definitely, something that will always remind me of Outshine and how they invest in their employees. 

Vineyard Touring in the Annapolis Valley

Another amazing memory I have from working at Outshine is when the whole team left the office for an afternoon and went to visit Benjamin Bridge—a vineyard and partner—for a tour and wine tasting. It was really special to take time off from work with the whole team to relax and hang out. It was a lot of fun, and is something I will always remember.

Advice for Future Co-op Students

I have two important pieces of advice for future co-op students at Outshine. First and foremost: Don’t be scared to get involved and ask questions when needed. Starting work here can be intimidating since you have to learn many new tools, processes, and a lot about the company’s clients.

But everyone here is very friendly and incredibly helpful. They understand you are still in a learning phase and are more than happy to help you in any way they can. (Another tip: you’re always learning in this position, so although it is great to ask questions when you are unsure about something, it's always good to try solving your problems on your own first. If after that you are still stuck, ask questions as needed. Never hesitate.)

And secondly: Get as involved as possible. Since you are new, it may be hard to get involved in some projects simply because you will not have the knowledge to perform certain tasks. But whenever you see an opportunity to help a colleague out, take it.

"A great way to learn in this position is to take on projects you may not be 100% sure about and to conquer them by learning as you work."

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Outshine, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team if you want to discuss co-op or other career opportunities.

In the meantime, I’m heading back to school to finish the final year of my Bachelor of Commerce. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. You can connect with me on LinkedIn via the link below.


Blog post by Khalil Francis, digital marketing coordinator at Outshine.

Brian Jeffcock