How Brand, Personalization & Advertising Impact Account Based Marketing

Over the past 7 years, Outshine has reinvented itself in more ways than one.

What began as a one-person digital marketing shop in 2010 has since grown into an experienced team of marketers and analytics experts driven by their curiosity to solve complex sales and marketing challenges.

The company’s reality was vastly different back then from what it is today. Known as Outshine Online (, the company relied more on President and Founder Andrew Breen’s network than it did on marketing or sales.

But as business picked up, and as the company pivoted from SEO to analytics and advertising, so too did the need for a stronger brand and identity.

Strong Domain Names:
Inherent Value & Credibility

As the company grew and took on more clients, started to become somewhat of a liability—it was long, clunky, and easy to misspell. In the hopes of dropping the “Online” portion of our name, we set our sights on acquiring was available for sale on the private market. We approached the seller, and came to a deal, allowing us to shorten our URL and company name by about half.


We had a launch party and were excited to kick-off this next phase of the business, knowing that we were one step closer to a better brand, and better positioning in the minds of our ideal customers.


Fast forward another few years, and our sights were set on It was the gold star in many ways: short, memorable, and authoritative. And with an increasing number of US-based clients, it was time for us to position our brand in a way that more accurately represents who we are and the global work that we do.

How We Acquired

Acquiring was a lengthy—and somewhat challenging—process that lasted several years. In the end, several important factors played a part in getting us there: personality, a compelling story, and knowing who to contact (and when).

President and Founder Andrew Breen was recently interviewed on Contact Marketing Radio by Stu Heinecke, Wall Street Journal Cartoonist, Author of the #1 Best Selling Book, “How to Get a Meeting With Anyone,” and Hall of Fame Nominated Marketer, about Outshine’s transition from to, and what this means for the company.

The interview takes a look at using storytelling, personalization, branding, and advertising to reach key decision makers on your list of target accounts.

Download the episode on iTunes and listen in as Andrew and Stu discuss domain names and contact marketing on Contact Marketing Radio.


Episode RecapAndrew Breen knows a thing or two about the value of marquee domain names and the value that brings to any enterprise. The stronger the domain, the more value and credibility people see in you, your company and what you have to offer. Andrew’s story of how he landed successively better domains is a lesson to all of us who want to break through to our top accounts and prospects. Without the right domain, you may not break through.


Andrew Breen, President & Advertising Practice Lead at Outshine. 

Brian Jeffcock