Holiday Reading List: Top Marketing Content of 2017

There’s been no shortage of excitement in 2017. From advancements in machine learning (and its applications in everything from marketing to cars and beyond), to the rise in cryptocurrency and the birth of cryptokitties (awww!), it’s worth taking a step back and recognizing just how much has happened in the marketing and technology spaces over the course of the year.

Being the curious folks that we are, our team has enjoyed a tremendous amount of content this year. And as our friends, clients, and partners across the globe start to disperse for the holidays, we wanted to share with them some of the articles, videos, or podcasts that we particularly enjoyed throughout 2017.

This holiday, take a little time out to curl up, relax with a festive beverage in hand, and enjoy a few incredible pieces of content.


2017-18 Gartner CMO Spend Survey

"Gartner's survey gives an excellent overview of marketing trends and their associated challenges. The insight that has me most excited? That marketing analytics is projected to receive the greatest share of budget in 2018. Underinvestment in analytics is a significant issue in even the most data-driven companies," 

Andrew Breen, President & Advertising Practice Lead at Outshine


How to Use Facebook Ads for Growth Throughout the Funnel

"This guide from Web Profits discusses how to use Facebook’s targeting options to reach audience members at different stages of your sales funnel. It's jam-packed with insights, ideas, and real-life examples. It's very detailed yet easy to follow. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in advancing their Facebook Ads strategy," 

Charlotte Clutson, Advertising Analyst at Outshine.


Advertising: Disrupting Interruption

"There's a lot we can learn from the history of marketing and advertising, and this short podcast (put out by Dell Technologies and hosted by Walter Isaacson) does a great job of describing how and why the first ad agencies came to be, along with lots of important milestones that helped shaped digital advertising today," 

Emily Stephen, Head of Marketing at Outshine.


Segment’s “Mad Scientist” Shares His Secrets for Driving Growth

"Guillaume Cabane is an incredible blend of practitioner and thought leader that can still get his hands dirty. Here he shares his thoughts on growth with Drift, including lead scoring, personalization, and data. This piece is a must-read," 

Joel Burke, Partner & Analytics Practice Lead at Outshine.


The RevOps Framework  

”Published by FunnelCake, this ebook is a tremendous piece of content. I'm fairly new to the B2B/SaaS space, and this framework has changed how I look at everything from an operational standpoint. Plus, there's loads of links to follow in the 'further reading' section, which I'll be working through well into the new year,” 

Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Analytics Associate at Outshine.


Machine Learning for Marketers

”iPullRank's guides—like this one about Machine Learning for Marketers—are legendary and should be mandatory reading for everyone working in the digital space. Not only is the content well-researched and well-written, the presentation is second to none," 

Matt Whalen, Advertising Associate at Outshine.


PPC For B2B SaaS: The Definitive Guide

"There are so many helpful tips and strategies for managing advertising in this comprehensive guide by Growth Pilots. From goal setting to channel-specific reminders and considerations, this is a great reference guide for marketers," 

Simon Ridgway, Advertising Analyst at Outshine


We hope you enjoy the selections above as much as we did. What was your favourite piece of marketing/technology content this year?

From our team to yours, happy holidays!

Brian Jeffcock