Highlights from Hero Conf


One of the most exciting things about the modern marketing industry is how quickly things can change.

From tools to channels, there are constantly new ways to execute marketing strategies. Staying on top of what’s happening in the industry is ever-important—and continuous learning should be a top priority for anyone in the field.

Last week we had the opportunity to do just that. To learn, network, and immerse ourselves in some of the latest and greatest in the paid advertising field.

London Calling

Here at Outshine, we’re given the incredible opportunity to pick somewhere, anywhere in the world, to go to a conference in our first year of joining the company.

As three analysts who all joined the company around the same time, we joined minds and started to collectively plan where we should go. Although there are many fantastic conferences out there for marketers, there was one we just couldn’t miss: Hero Conf in London, UK.

We first heard about the conference from our colleague who had been there the year before. And after hearing his rave reviews, we knew we had to experience it for ourselves.

Without knowing exactly what to expect, we packed our bags—London was calling!


“From the historic architecture to the street-style fashion, I adored London, even with Big Ben under construction!” — Tighe Loch


Event Recap: What to Expect

Hero Conf was jam-packed with many different sessions, speakers, and events to choose from, including:

  • 40 industry speakers

  • 4 world-class keynotes

  • 10 unique London networking opportunities

  • 4 content tracks for focused learning

The topics spanned Paid Search, Paid Social, and advanced topics that specialized in innovation and technologies that would push the envelope in our budding careers.

By the end of the event, we enjoyed more than 30 hours of the latest PPC and paid search content, with many more hours of networking.


“Getting the most out of Hero Conf starts with getting out of your comfort zone and talking to as many people as possible.”— Emma Watt


Favourite Memories & Takeaways

We were fortunate to meet several industry leaders from all over the world, including Sahil Jain from AdStage, Jamie Smith from Campaign Watch, and Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzer.

It was an incredible experience to make these face-to-face connections and to pick the brains of the most influential people in the industry.

One of our favourite sessions was Sahil Jain’s, CEO and Co-founder of Adstage. His presentation on Demystifying B2B Marketing ROI for Paid Marketers was very relevant to the core fundamentals that Outshine practices.


After a discussion on how to follow a lead through the funnel, it was clear that we at Outshine are well on the way to becoming leaders in the industry.” — Alifa Jamal


One takeaway from Dan Gilbert, the self-proclaimed superhero of PPC, was how to become indispensable in your career. His advice? Become exceptional at one thing, no matter what that one thing is.

“Be a ‘go-to’ for that one thing, and just be good at everything else.”

London was a whirlwind adventure! We’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to partake in the Hero Conf experience and look forward to continuing our learnings in this space.

Learn more about Hero Conf.

Blog post by Emma Watt, Alifa Jamal, and Tighe Loch—analysts at Outshine.

Brian Jeffcock