Defeating Google's 50 Account Script Limit

AdWords scripts are great because they can help us to automate the mundane and time consuming tasks so we can focus on the unique value that we as digital advertisers can add to our clients. An example of such a script is our script to Automate Negative Matching Poor Placements. This script let us cut out the top level domains that are driving junk traffic and picking away at our clients budgets.

As our agency has grown, so have the number of AdWords accounts under our MCC. In most ways this is only positive, giving us more access, more data, and more to learn from.

While we love more data our scripts have run into the annoying 50 account limit. The common solution is to have the script run multiple times in a day, applying labels to the accounts it has already interacted with that day. I am not a fan. It creates clutter and they don’t always work.

Here is a script that will run other AdWords scripts across an unlimited number of accounts. I hope it helps :)

How it works

This script executes an AdWords script contained in a run function (instead of a main function). This run function works exactly like your main function, and the code in the run function executes on a single account.

The first 50 accounts that are processed execute in parallel, and each preceding account is executed sequentially. If SCRIPT_LABEL is defined only accounts with the label are processed, but if you would like you may remove SCRIPT_LABEL and your script will execute across every account.

I’d love to hear about your experience with the script and If you have any troubles with the script let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to help you through the process.

Cheers, Dawson.

PS - Running in this manner we have seen runtimes of up to 45 minutes (greater than the 30 minute limit stated in Google’s documentation) though this could change, and may have been an error stopping our script on Google’s side.

Brian Jeffcock